The Office of Rules and Norms (ORN) is an arts-based transdisciplinary studio headquartered in the Faculty of Fine Arts at Concordia University. The Office engages with regulations, the rule of law, cultural norms and market standards. These engagements reveal, comprehend, play with, subvert, and transcend current ways of understanding and acting in relation to regulatory forces in order to make room for more equitable alternatives. In its attempts to query legal and behavioral urban infrastructures, the ORN specifically deploys art and design practice, culture, and methods along three axes:
Art as Subversion | Intervening in grey areas of regulation
Art as Pedagogy | Making public various forces and forms of influence
Art as Decision-Making | Reorienting modes of knowing and deliberating


Grey Areas



Grey Areas

Grey zones exist in between standards, norms, and regulations. One could see these either as a failure of governance or as a promising zone of flexibility and deliberation – providing spaces to rethink how we craft and implement rules. The Grey Areas Desk explores the regulations and cultural norms in place to identify opportunities within them and understand how their interpretation can facilitate or lead to creative outcomes.


Research Project
Ongoing Project
Grey Areas — A Film About Emptiness
Jan 2021


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