The Office of Rules and Norms (ORN) is an arts-based transdisciplinary studio headquartered in the Faculty of Fine Arts at Concordia University. The Office engages with regulations, the rule of law, cultural norms and market standards. These engagements reveal, comprehend, play with, subvert, and transcend current ways of understanding and acting in relation to regulatory forces in order to make room for more equitable alternatives. In its attempts to query legal and behavioral urban infrastructures, the ORN specifically deploys art and design practice, culture, and methods along three axes:
Art as Subversion | Intervening in grey areas of regulation
Art as Pedagogy | Making public various forces and forms of influence
Art as Decision-Making | Reorienting modes of knowing and deliberating






The [Anti]Speculation Desk engages with a major urgency of our times: real estate speculation and the housing crisis. The underlying intersecting systems that produce real estate speculation form a wider assemblage responsible for the painful experiences of displacement, eviction, precariousness and homelessness. While the effects of these systems are felt in ways that are all too real, their inner logic remains an enigma to most.

Lead, Anti-Speculation Desk


Research Project
Ongoing Project
The Shock Value Fellowship
Apr 2021


Excess and the City - 2020

Since 2000, real estate values in Canada have risen 3 times faster than household incomes. Facing this explosive rise, most people searched for the “immediate enemy”. Debates framed around the concept of gentrification often fixated on a prime suspect: the middle-class couple who just bought a condo in a former working-class neighborhood. Might the “chief enemy” might be much more elusive? The excessive production of growingly unaffordable cities is, in fact, a complex assemblage of financial mechanisms and regulations, political norms and interventions and social...
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